Feb 12-16 is #TrueBeauty #TrueCutie Week!

Monday: Truly You Day
Girls go all natural and wear black
Guys wear white
Tuesday: Trash Your Insecurities Day
Girls, write something you are insecure about and chunk it in the pink trash can!
Guys, do the same but chunk it in the green trash can!

Wednesday: Love Your Selfie Day
Post a selfie on Snapchat, Instagram, or any social media with #loveyourselfie.
Sounds like a great activity for our Valentine’s Party on Wednesday!

Thursday: Spread Positivity Day
Sticky notes will be posted all over the school. If you find one that you need, keep it! You can also give one to a friend!
At our Valentine’s Party on Wednesday, let’s make some sticky notes to contribute.

Friday: Pledge Day
There will be trifold boards at lunch that will educate students on different mental illnesses. Sign a pledge