Dancing The Night Away

By:  Savannah Lee and Taylor Ouzts

Pelion High School’s 2018 Military Ball was most definitely a night to remember.  The night started out with greeting everyone, then we socialized. After the senior staff met all of their guests from the JROTC program and other schools, the colors were posted and dinner was served to the guests.  Afterwards, it was time to get on the dance floor and bust a move. Half way through the night the seniors were given one last “Hoorah” with the senior walk. After they made their grand entrance, it was time for one male and female to be crowned the king and queen. Roy Medlin and Bethany Emmert won the honor of wearing the crowns and shared a lovely first dance together. The night was filled with lights, music, and of course amazing dancing.

The Military Ball King, Command Sergeant Major Roy Medlin, is crowned and waits to see who is queen. The king is elected by the cadets voting on who they would like to see king. All the seniors are put on a list and when the cadets walk in, they have to go to a table and vote. Towards the end of the night, First Sergeant Timothy Barnes counts the number of votes and announces the king.

In the photos to the right, some of the cadets are in a circle dancing together or doing the line dances. This first photo shows that all the cadets that come to the military ball are friends and have a great time enjoying themselves. In the second picture, these girls are dancing to one of the line dances they played. The DJ plays the line dances first to get everyone up and moving. After the line dances, the DJ starts to play songs that are requested. The cadets and the guest free dance and slow dance with their dates for the rest of the night.