Special Olympics Has Great Showing

The PHS Special Olympics team participated in it’s first Track and Field Special Olympics competition.  Here are their results:
Laura Jenkins:
     1st Place    Softball Throw
     7th Place    50 m Run
Grace Williams:
     1st Place     Softball Throw
     1st Place     50 m Walk
Christopher Sumner:
     3rd Place    400m Team Relay
     5th Place     50m Run
     3rd Place     100m Run
Bryson LaGrant:
      3rd Place     400m Team Relay
      2nd Place     100m Run
      5th Place      400m Run
Zacher Dozier:
      3rd Place     400m Team Relay
      6th Place      50m Run
      2nd Place     100m Run
Zane Daniels:
      3rd Place     400m Team Realy
      2nd Place     200m Run
      1st Place       50m Run
Hayden Anderson:
      1st Place     400m Run
      1st Place      100m Run
We would also like to thank the parents, grandparents, Mr. Murray, and McKenna Smith for their support Friday!
Congratulations to these athletes!
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